Mebitek was born in Sardinia, Italy.
Active since 2003 in the undeground electronic scene now is involved into Electronic music/video producetion and composing.Dark Ambient Cinematic atmospheres from Sardinia.From the acid and dusty factories of the electronic underground, through the devastated and pure immaculated nature of Sardinia, an explosion of anger and melancholy darkness transforms electronics into a cinematic orchestra. have been produced in europe and north america both vinyl and digital format actualy producing cinematics experience mixing videos, photography and music.

IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE MebitekAct II WalkingFrontal

How is conceibed the idea of creating a visual narrative and how do you develop it?

The concept of a virtual narrative has been always in my mind cause I like to thing an artist as a complete one mixing all arts like cinema, photography, music and theater. My cinematic works are all be manufactured by myself with the help of my friend Serena Pilloni, a great and creative videomaker. We start from an idea, usually based on my music, psychology and dark horror world and we develop as a free flow until we  realize the final opera.


What do you think are the most challenging steps to create your work?

I like to create and to realize my works so all the steps are welcome in the creative process. The main difficult is usually the whole cost of the work (specially in case of video works) and the problems related to spread around the work because I live in a little island and often is very difficult to reach big audience.

How do you experiment with sounds by creating samplers, effect combos, etc. and how important is it to you?

As I said experiment is very important to me as change or transform music genre into something more complex. So for example mixing analog and digital instruments can reveal lot of possibilities then I usually start with a sound or a loop continuing forging textures to create the desired atmospher

tre personaggi, gesu 2 - Gabriella Floris


How do you see future sound technologies and how will they affect your music?

I’m always interested into new music technologies because I like to experiment as a sound craftsman. However I try to find what instrument or technology fit best my creative process and use it as many as I can.


There are several stages for the creation of a film or video art. Which one do you enjoy the most and why?

I like so much the planning of the work cause I can let the fantasy and creativity go on and on without limits. Also the realization of the video is very fun also because all my works a made around my little world of local friends and contacts that often are artist in different disciplines.



How do people react when they listen to your music?

As my music varying so much people got different reaction but the main reaction is the sense of void and melancholy that in fact I try to represent.