Born 1963 in Traunstein Grew up in Upper Bavaria, therefore my intimate love for Nature Serious diseases up to the age of 10, including Epillepsia and Meningitis several times Active athlete as a youngster (sailing, skiing, surfing).

After graduation, education as pedagogue for mentally disabled persons Afterwards studying social sciences, economics and mod. philosophy in Munich, Heidelberg (short study visit Stanford) - Graduation 1983 with Honors Besides studying journalistic career and sev. Jobs as a rock DJ.

1989 cross-entry to advertising at leading German agencies By 1992 very successful own company for marketing and PR.

2008 severe physical illness,recovered after 11 months 2012 psychological and economic collapse with total loss of my former existence Several clinic stays due to depression and burnout, months of homelessness etc.

By2013 starting a new life and building up an artistic career in the field of digital media (focus on fractals and algorithmic art)

IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Armin CoppTranslate-Herz - ABoxSphere-Rotate~

There are always new software technologies. How do you learn to use them?

As I´m an autodidacte, I´m always confronted with “updates”, “new features” etc. etc. But as soon as you know your main programs well enough and understand the main routines and processes – what´s the hardest part, that takes many years, you don´t have too big problems with newer developments.


Some people think that digital artwork lacks essence because of the use of technological means to create, what could you tell them?

In a way Digital arts are real hardstuff, as you have to learn such a lot to use all the programs (and programming languages) for your own Arts and Style. So it´s real Arts imao, as soon as you´ve found your own characteristics. Just as a painter or sculptor has to learn his tools and use them in his personal style.

IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Armin CoppAboxMod4-Power-Surf-noJulia-cutting

IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Armin CoppABox-Surf-ABox-4-Schmuckstueck_1

What do you consider to be critical aspects for the success of a digital work?

Still too many people think, Digital Arts simply means “hitting the Enter key” and that´s it........  Makes it hard to get the same attention and appreciation as classical artists.


What are your future projects in digital art and how do you think they will evolve?

As I´m always working on new stuff and trying to enhance my personal possibilities, there are numerous projects with videos, stills etc. ;-)

IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Armin CoppTranslate-ABoxSphere-Rotate-6~f-double~

What are the most meaningful topics you try to represent in your work?

One of the main focuses of my Arts are mathematical Algorithms

IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Armin CoppRecursive Box - mit Adler - Incendia - 2018

IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Armin CoppABoxPlatinumB-HeightMapLim - 2017

 How did you find your own style to create your digital work?

My personal style started with digital Fractals. First the classical Mandelbrot set and iterated Functional Systems, and last the 3d Mandelbulb. All that besides conventional 3D and Digital Painting.