<vacío>IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Heinz Schielmann


<vacío>IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Heinz Schielmann

Heinz Schielmann Hamburg Germany, Autodidakt Sozialarbeiter 
Liminal confies 2016 screened + Installation @ James Black Gallery Vancouver
The Wrong New Digital Biennale 2
GAC Pavillon online + 3 uncurated Phi Pavillon
Fu:bar 2016 + 2017  [email protected] Galerija Siva, Zagreb, Croatia
dadaclub.online exhibition 2017 Galerie Charlot, Paris, France + Spazio Contemporanea, Brescia, Italy

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<vacío>IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Heinz SchielmannBegierde

What is your inspirational source?

Life, psychology, philosophy, society, emotions, the internet and the ways people express themselves via social media, network anonymity, sculptures and collage art.

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IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Heinz SchielmannGestalt_x_Sylvia_Soni_Que_

What are the most meaningful topics you try to represent in your work?

I just try to make people feel and think and develope their own thoughts according to my works.

IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Heinz SchielmannParadoxon_x_Sylvia_Soni_Que_

<vacío>IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Heinz SchielmannParallelwelten

Who are the artists who encourage you to  create and why?

Kim Asendorf. A great conceptual artist and one of the originators who created innovative processing scripts to sort pixels. Tomasz Sulej. Processing genius.

IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Heinz SchielmannPigmentstörung_x_Daniel_Vasconcelos_


How did you find your own style to create your digital work?

Practising and experimenting for myself helped and repetition manifested it. I use to give all my works file names which got kind of a trademark for example.

IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Heinz SchielmannRomantik

IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Heinz SchielmannRosé_x_Rozenn_Le_Gall_


How do social networks influence your work?

My work is based on the conceptual idea to create a virtual character and it’s social media presence so Heinz got born. I try to divide between my private self
and my network presence and to keep up some kind of network anonymity. I also like to use social media platforms to connect with other artists and collaborate with them.

IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Heinz SchielmannSchamgefühl_x_Sylvia_Soni_Que_

How does an idea for a digital work come up?

Out of nothing. Out of my mind.  And i like to photographe sculptures to use as sources for my works. Collage art inspires me. I adore the work of Rozenn Le Gall, Olivia Descampe, Ismene and Sylvia Soni Que, who was the first collage artist i collaborated with and finally became a friend.


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