Im Felix , born raised and currently living in Dresden/Germany. I started with photographing when my father gave me my first camera when i was around 5. I`m an educated mediadesigner doing art and freelance work these days.

2015 GALLERY HOLGER JOHN / Dresden, Germany
2016 CHASHAMA GALLERY / 4 Times Square, New York, US
2016 RETHink! DIGITAL ART FESTIVAL / Crete, Greece
2016 FU:BAR EXPO / Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb, Croatia
2017 OSIJEK Digital Art BIENNALE / Museum of Fine Arts, Osijek, Croatia
2017 MOVA / Museum of Virtual Art, #UNITY, VR Gallery
2017 ATHENS Digital Art Festival - Postfuture  / PANGAEA REIC, Athen
2017 UNVORHERGESEHEN #2 / Raj Mahal, Dresden, Germany
2017 M.A.N.G.O. / Blaue Fabrik, Dresden, Germany
2017 FREE THE PIXELS! / Science Fiction Gallery, San Francisco, US
2017 FU:BAR EXPO / AKC Medika - Sijva Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
2018 The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale / Panke Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2018 RETROLOUNGE / Aquarium Waterlounge, Dresden, Germany group exhibition
2018 ERROR DIGITALE, Glitchart EXPO / Contemporary Cluster, Rome, Italy group exhibition


IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Felix Rothschildguardian

What are the most meaningful topics you try to represent in your work?

Human emotions inspire me a lot, but in the end i`m always trying to  investigate the uncanny and disorienting sides of visual digital technologies as they interrupt traditional perceptions using whatever theme my brain can come up with while playing around in the digital sandbox.


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Some people think that digital artwork lacks essence because of the use of technological means to create, what could you tell them?

I would answer that at some point in history people started using all kinds of tools to help them expressing themselfes, starting from using their fingers for painting on cave walls, do this cave-artworks lack essence?I think not. At some point we started experimenting and inventing other tools like brushes to make art, which i would call technology too. Using digital technologies for creating is a logical step in my opinion and there are unlimited techniques which yet have to be discovered and explored that makes the space of digital art extremely exciting for me, because its like playing in a sandbox as a child.


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How did you find your own style to create your digital work?

I´m not in the search to find my own style to be honest since i can`t really make to many pieces using the same workflow or technique. I get bored to easily and always try to find new ways of creating or mixing things up to keep myself excited. I feel kind of stuck using the same styles over and over again since my biggest goal is to learn as much as possible in a reasonable amount of time. Doing a lot of pieces using the same workflows often seems like a waste of time to me except when doing series using  a certain aesthetically pleasing style i really like.

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We daresay that new media will soon fill the apparent dichotomy between art and technology, to assimilate one to each other: what's your opinion about the relationship between Art production and Technology

I think people in history will and have used every technology available to get creative. Using digital tools is just a logical addition and it fits the zeitgeist quite well. Digital technologies like Blockchains or Artificial Intelligence systems for example are changing the world very rapidly these days. And as artists always are in the need to explore new workflows and techniques to not get bored i find it natural that more and more works are created within the digital realm.

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There are always new software technologies. How do you learn to use them?

In my opinion there really isn`t a better approach then to just spend A LOT of time doing try and error, experimenting and playing with new software. Beeing tech-savy helps a lot too since a lot of software tends to use a somekind similar standard when it comes to user-interfaces and stuff so it is not that hard to switch to something new. But spending a lot of time learning and understanding what you`re doing is key here i guess, many people don`t like that i spend this much time on it but without dedication and passion you can`t make progress which in the end i find pretty rewarding and satisfactory.

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How does an idea for a digital work come up?

I like starting with a "blank canvas" and just try out different things until i find a technique or a style. If i discover something interesting during this process i often start to build a piece i find aesthetically pleasing, but it happens a lot that i abandon projects when i`m not satisfied with the outcome too. Ideas although emerge while having conversations with friends or doing brainstorming with clients.

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