I'm Franco. Im 24. Born and raised in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, my home.
I've been in contact with the latest technology since I was a kid, since my father
works in software and is also a great adept of new technologies. Developing a
connection with my machines, playing and experimenting all my life.
I’ve played video games for as long as I can remember, and always stood
fascinated by the idea of creating worlds inside the games I played. I spent hours
creating custom maps using the game’s editor option. Later on, I realized that I
could create my own personal virtual environments by learning 3-D design. Opening
that door was the beginning of a path of technical experimentation. Everything
started flowing when I began looking for myself inside the monitor, inside the data
fueled images. The screen turned off and I saw my reflection in it. I scanned my
head and body using a kinect sensor, came up with a couple of models that later
became an expression of myself.
I'm currently studying Diseño de Imagen

IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Franco Verrascina Wrong

IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Franco VerrascinaTorn

What is your inspirational source?

Tough question. I think I tend to gather human emotions and portray them on
these virtual bodies. I stick to feelings I get in my relationships and put them inside
THEM. They're my personal projections, it’s the most sincere I can get. I try to get
this feelings from deep down, my frenetik void.

IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Franco Verrascina Rejected

IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Franco VerrascinaMi El La

What are the most meaningful topics you try to represent in your work?

I mostly work with humanoid bodies. It's a kind of goddish (frankenstein) fantasy,
trying to make them seem alive to make me FEEL alive. Human consciousness in
relation to our cosmic parents and our fulfilling and exciting emptiness.

IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Franco VerrascinaDesolation

IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Franco Verrascina Defuse

IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Franco VerrascinaLackOff

How do you envision future technologies and how will they affect your work?

I love to play with the new technologies, since Im a kid my father encouraged me
to befriend that data. The game engines and the Augmented Reality stuff is the
future. Combining the virtual realm with our own, that's what I expect. Trying to
bring these beings to life fit perfectly, we humans are, in a way, having this robotic
machine AI baby child, I wonder why, we try to imitate ourselves. Find the cure?

IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Franco Verrascina Retorno

IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Franco VerrascinaDeseo

How does an idea for a digital work come up?

Dreams, life. I mostly come up with them like kind of visions. Something that
touches gives me ideas and space to create in that moment, then with that feeling
and basic structure of imagination I sit down and create.

IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Franco Verrascina Impulso

IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Franco Verrascina Orbita

What do you consider to be critical aspects for the success of a digital work?

Success.. Mhm. I think success lies in what really makes you good and positive. The
sensation of fulfillment when you “finish” a piece and you yourself like it. Its

IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Franco Verrascina Juicio

IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Franco Verrascina Sacrifice

Some people think that digital artwork lacks essence because of the use of technological means to create, what could you tell them?

There's essence in everything…
“All that you touch
All that you see
All that you taste
All you feel.
All that you love
All that you hate
All you distrust
All you save.
All that you give
All that you deal
All that you buy,
beg, borrow or steal.
All you create
All you destroy
All that you do
All that you say.
All that you eat
And everyone you meet
All that you slight
And everyone you fight.
All that is now
All that is gone
All that's to come
and everything under
the sun is in tune
but the sun
is eclipsed by the moon. ”


IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Franco VerrascinaDomestic

IN*FUSION ART MAGAZINE Franco VerrascinaSimil