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Alfie Dwyer * United Kingdom * Dicipline : Video art

TITLE Circulate

SYNOPSIS This experimental, tongue-in-cheek film examines the circulation of moving image on the internet. The animals in the selected clips are therefore not only running in physical circles, but are gesturing towards their digital 'circulation' around the internet.


Annette Mewes-Thoms * Germany * Dicipline : Drawing


SYNOPSIS LINES Annette Mewes-Thoms was looking for a way to paint the nature of water without illustrating it. Water is movement—flow and energy—with the line characteristics the same. Therefore, she reduced the forms and shapes she used in her paintings more and more until just the line was left. Her concept is to start each work with an intuitively placed line to which she aligns all of the following lines. She then builds up several layers of lines. By layering lines she creates a condensing as well as an overlap. She calls them “visual sensations” because the layering creates a shimmering effect. While working, she finds herself in a state of both, excitement and meditation.



Angelina voskopoulou * greece * Dicipline : video art

TITLE Behind this page

SYNOPSIS ‘’Behind this page but not disappearing ” A life articulated in the void, deprived of every stimulus and devoid of any meaning, must correspond to a “frozen” time, without a flow. A time that knows no past or present, static, unmoving, a bad eternity…Narrative-shots in ruins-skin-the soul of things) Every time there is an intense emotion it’s like a smoke/mist covering everything around. Some other times, it’s as if it’s embracing everything and others as if it’s encaging everything. Fear, love, hatred, all create smoke(mist) of varying density,width and colour. Everything disperses like smoke, except when they merge into a wall (the dream of the guy(man?) by the door produces some smoke, as if reaching a conclusion).



Beatriz Millón * Mexico * Dicipline : Video art

TITLE Neocolonialismo

SYNOPSIS In Istmo of Tehuantepec (México), capital has transformed the wind in a commodity and in a way to exploit and expropriate the territory. The green energy discourse –used by transnational companies as Iberdrola – justifies the dispossession and the radical transformation of community life of bini’zaa and ikoot. Neocolonialism was an intervention in one of the wind fields of Union Hidalgo; likewise, I made an audiovisual that show the reality of this Megaproject: The colonial order with which we coexist and its effects on indigenous peoples who still resisting.



Camila Albrecht Freitas * Brazil * Dicipline : Video art

TITLE Innerprojection

SYNOPSIS An experiment about the vision and image from the meeting of the lucidity in a dream.



Carson Rennekamp * United States * Dicipline : Video art

TITLE Helela

SYNOPSIS Filmed on the summit of Mt. Si in the Snoqualmie Pass in Washington, "Helela" is a sound and video art piece directed to find the patterns in nature. Ever changing in and evolving, the clouds from the nearby peaks create seamless visions open to interpretation


Eija Temisevä * Finland * Dicipline : Video art

TITLE Stories of the carved stones

SYNOPSIS The pictures are inspired by the stone age: Finnish rockpaintings and the petrographs of Lake Onega. Also by the shaman traditions of Sami people from Lapland and the people of Siberia. However, a big part of the pictures have been made as mindflow pictures; I have found in myself " the primeval human being, the connection to the beginning of time". The stories of the pictures tell about the birth of the world and queer creatures; plants, animals and human beings and their connection to Nature. "The hole of the world" - idea was born when I made holes in the clay for the burning process. But perhaps the hole is the beginning of all Beings: a tunnel, a slot, a womb: a Place where all the Ages unite. The carved stones have been molded and carved in clay, burned in the oven and painted afterwords. In the video the stones are rotating according to the sounds made for them.



Heather Wilson * England * Dicipline : oil on canvas

TITLE Walk in the park

SYNOPSIS an expression of texture and colour on canvas.



Heena Song * China * Dicipline : Video art

TITLE Entropy

SYNOPSIS Creates a floating audiovisual miasma that stimulates emotion and represents states of mind. It investigates how film can be ritualistic and subvert our temporary attention to reveal the depth and breadth of our existence. It discusses the possibilities of gaining spiritual transcendence through the cinematic experience and investigates the interaction between the retina and the brain, to explore the permeable boundaries between conscious and unconscious states.



Iryna Yakovenko * Ukraine * Dicipline : Photography

TITLE Phytography

SYNOPSIS From greek phyto (φυτόν) - means plant and graph (γράφω) - means to draw, to write. Life originated on Earth in a pool of water around 4.5 billion years ago, and first few billion years evolved only in the prehistoric ocean. There were completely different and frequently hostile conditions, which modern human definitely wouldn’t survive. One of the first organism on Earth was plant - one cell underwater algae which by one of the theories produced all of the oxygen on Earth and made other types of life possible. Water and plants nowadays are our medium which we take for granted and never fully appreciate. Project shows an interaction between water and multiformity of modern plants.



Jarek Lustych * Poland * Dicipline : soundscape-video

TITLE Latent voice

SYNOPSIS Currently, my attention is drawn to the more “natural” aspects of our environment. By employing the working principle of the aeolian harp - an instrument known since antiquity and enjoying a renaissance in the era of Romanticism (protoposthumanism) - I evoke the voice representing the hidden, creative/destructive power of the mass of flowing water. The sound achieved in this way can be heard only from the distance of a few meters, but it is loud enough so that it’s entire timbre can be appreciated. The vibrations of the strings are visible, and the resulting sound waves are audible. A swift-flowing mountain stream sounds differently than a slow lowland river, and the changes in tonality are affected also by the seasonal changes and weather. All these sounds, which are in fact vibrations, constitute an important element of the environment and continuously shape the development of the human brain, which is more sensitive to them than one may initially assume.



Jason Moyes * Scotland * Dicipline : Video art

TITLE Frames, Shapes and Symbols

SYNOPSIS Subtle shapes and symbols followed on a woodland walk leads to a forgotten, abandoned landscape. As if being led by the natural environment, eyes are slowly opened to a new path through the trees and plants of a forest. The direction of travel is never quite clear, time shifts slowly but the forest’s gentle guidance leads to a place of wonder and unusual discovery.


Javier Viera * SPAIN * Dicipline : EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC


SYNOPSIS When @ken Missouri and #jeanfelu sent me the first version of AURA, visualize a journey between abstract forms and disorientation, characteristic of a dream. The idea of deepening the color, and the ephemeral relation of its origin in the environment, were the sensations that it sought to represent in the piece. The AURA is conceived as an energetic field of light-coloured luminous radiation that surrounds people, making it magical, as it is invisible to the vast majority of human beings. AURA is a sample of less than 2 min, which we launch in the form of audiovisual interlude/audiovisual advancement, the next work of holographic, which will come accompanied by a live AV


jawek Kwakman * Netherlands * Dicipline : Animation

TITLE Jungle Seights and sounds 016

SYNOPSIS Fractal geometry is a form of computer art. Fractal concepts can be found in many fields, such as in physics, musical compositions and architecture. Fractals are mainly used in computer design, to model irregular patterns and structures in nature. The artist uses a computer program, which is fed with algorithms.  It is a technology that reaches into the core of the concept and shows a complex insight into the essence of nature.

SOCIAL NETWORKS * facebook/jawekkwakman

Katherine Balsley * United States * Dicipline : video art

TITLE Microspectrum

SYNOPSIS A surreal journey through the natural world. Leaves, flowers and other organic materials are abstracted and exist as shapes, forms, colors and textures. Nature is at once strange and beautiful. Microspectrum invites the viewer to reflect upon its complexities.


Leyokki Tk * France * Dicipline : Video art

TITLE Leaves of Maple (Studie no. 2)

SYNOPSIS Leaves of Maple describes a tree, a maple, build in CG. Mere poetic variation around our concept of nature, the movie is built upon the first fantasia for violin, by Georg Ph. Telemann. It is divided in four parts, each part being splitted in three screens ; and each screen is slightly time-shifted, following the music.


Pierre Ajavon * France * Dicipline : Video art

TITLE Full Moon

SYNOPSIS Full Moon » is the center work of “Full Moon suite” project, including a 360° VR video, 3 experimental videos, 3 musical compositions along with 12 aluminium/plexiglas based digital works. It's an abstract and aesthetic reverie - the mind wanders through the soundscape, reminiscences and lunar apparitions. The electronic music played with a modular Moog synthesizer is also composed to interact with the visual elements.


Pierre Villemin * France * Dicipline : Video art

TITLE Chronophobie

SYNOPSIS Geological time is too slow for human eyes. Film to find a way on a territory, film to observe bad weather and dive in a country almost without people, to penetrate better into the image….


Simon Šerc * Slovenia * Dicipline : Video Experimental music


SYNOPSIS CMBR project is based on the data from the Planck space telescope of the European Space Agency. The Planck satellite has recorded the measurements of the coldest objects in the Universe, and has given the insight into the creation of the first major structures in which galaxies evolved later on. The beginnings of these structures can be seen in the cosmic microwave background radiation or the CMBR, the first image of the universe. By using the ESA measurements, we used a method of sonification and digital processing of data from the Planck satellite (the mapping of fluctuations in the CMBR) to convert the measurements into an ambient sound mass intertwined with randomized sequences of cosmological parameters. When listening to the results of sonification, we really listen to the data. The result of the conversion to the audio waveform with such a large amount of data opens a contemplative space for the time dimension of the past-future



Sofía Bertomeu * Spain * Dicipline : Experimental music

TITLE The Hidden Life of Trees

SYNOPSIS Deeply inspired by P. Wohlleben's 'The Hidden Life of Trees', I show my tender vision of nature and how I feel its living force upon mine in a non-hierarchical way. Much like human families, tree parents live together with their children, communicate with them, and support them as they grow, sharing nutrients with those who are sick or struggling and creating an ecosystem that mitigates the impact of extremes of heat and cold for the whole group. As a result of such interactions, trees in a family or community are protected and can live to be very old. In contrast, solitary trees, like street kids, have a tough time of it and in most cases die much earlier than those in a group."